APTEA 2018
20 - 22 September 2018, Brno, Czechia

Travel information

Brno is situated about 2.5 hours by car southeast of Prague (250 km) and about 1.5 hours by car north of Vienna or Bratislava (130 km).


Brno Airport

Vienna International Airport in Austria is about 1.5 hours drive from Brno. Getting to Brno from Vienna Airport is very easy, the Regio Jet operates a direct bus connection from the airport to Brno Railway Station (Hotel Grand), see below.

Prague International Airport in the Czech Republic is about 2.5 hours drive from Brno.
Getting to Brno from Prague Airport is very easy, Airport Express gets you from the airport to the main train station. The train (Czech Railways, Regio Jet) leaves for Brno every hour. Alternatively you can use Prague public transport to get to the central bus station Florenc and take a bus to Brno. We would recommend going by train to avoid frequent delays on the highway.

Bratislava International Airport in Slovakia is a smaller airport about 2 hours drive from Brno used by some low-cost airlines.

Regio Jet operates a direct bus connection from Vienna and Prague to Brno Railway Station (Hotel Grand)

Czech Railways operate fast IC, EC connections between Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Brno.


Brno is one of the most important Central European rail junctions situated on international routes.

Czech Railways operate fast IC, EC connections between Brno, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava.

Regio Jet also operates a direct train connection from Prague to Brno Railway Station (Hotel Grand)


Brno is situated on the intersection of the D1 (Prague – Brno) and D2 (Brno – Bratislava) motorways.

In the Czech Republic, road toll is payable on motorways. Tolls are payable in advance and can be purchased at petrol stations. For regular passenger car, you may buy national access for 10 days or one month duration (310 CZK and 440 CZK respectively).

Caution for drivers: The Czech Republic has a zero tolerance on alcohol consumption while driving.

Tickets for Brno City Transport

The network of public transport in Brno is very good. All tickets for Brno City Transport can be used for trams, buses and trolleybuses. Tickets are available from kiosks and automatic ticket machines as well as via mobile phone.

The ticket must be validated immediately after entering the vehicle. The validity of a 25 CZK ticket is 60 minutes. The validity of a 20 CZK ticket is 15 minutes, which gives you enough time to get from the Main Railway Station to Hotel Continental. With these tickets you can change between all tram, bus and trolleybus lines in Brno as you like within the respective time limits. You can also buy a one-day ticket for 90 CZK (valid for 24 hours from the validation time). Mobile phone e-ticket can be purchased either by sending an SMS, by calling an automatic system or by using Sejf mobile application. Please see the official instruction for using the SMS tickets.

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